Server Fire Protection Systems

Server Fire Protection Systems

Server Fire Protection Systems

Do you need to replace antiquated and environmentally hazardous halon systems in your facility? Or are you remodeling or building a new data center and require clean, effective, and sustainable fire protection?

NewMack Technology can provide an integrated fire detection and control system to equip your business with 24/7 fire protection for your data processing center, telecommunications facility, or control room.

Our SAPPHIRE suppression systems are well-suited for clean agent, special hazard applications, especially high-value equipment and systems that cannot be shut down in an emergency.

Every SAPPHIRE suppression system is custom engineered for your specific application and provides: early warning detection, alarm, auxiliary control, and agent release capabilities utilizing Novec 1230 fire protection fluid (with C6 Fluoroketone) with ZERO ozone depletion potential (ODP) and the lowest atmospheric lifetime for halocarbons – FIVE DAYS (the closest alternative is 33 years). And, Novec 1230 fluid is used at concentrations that provide the widest safety margin of any chemical clean agent on the market to bring you a truly environment and people friendly solution.

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